5 Things You Should Know About Zakat Al-Fitr

What is Zakat Al-Fitr? Apart from being known as Sadaqah Al-Fitr, more importantly it is known as the type of Zakat that has to be paid before the Eid Ul-Fitr prayer. It also carries the name of Zakat-Al-Badan (The body tax) or Zakat-Al-Ra’s (The head tax). This Zakat is established mainly to cleanse a Muslim

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Ramadan zakat

Ramadan: The Most Favourite Month

Yes! Ramadan is here, and it is the most awaited month for almost all Muslims! It is commonly known for being the month of fasting and the month of giving. In short, Ramadan is a month if properly accomplished by a Muslim, will help to purify his/her soul and bring him/her closer to Allah (SWT).

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