What Has Zakat Got To Do With Ramadan?

Every moment in the blessed month of Ramadan can truly be an opportunity of spiritual awakening. As we reflect on Ramadan: fond memories arise: the satisfaction of fasting the whole day (especially if it’s extra hot), reciting and hearing the Qur’an, indulging in mom’s legendary samosas, and the serenity of praying tarawih in our favorite masjids! Yet, amidst these cherished practices, there exists a crucial form of worship often overlooked: Zakat.

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By what has Zakat got to do with Ramadan? As the third pillar of Islam, the act of giving is embedded in our Deen. Let’s unfold the layers of this connection and discover how Zakat intertwines with the core essence of Ramadan.

The Sacred Link Between Zakat and Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of purification and self-discipline, a period to cleanse our hearts and actions. Similarly, Zakat, from its root word to mean ‘purification’—purifying our wealth by sharing it with those in need. It is a reminder that the blessings we enjoy are not solely for us but are meant to be shared with the broader community. In Ramadan, this act of giving takes on even greater significance, for it is the season of heightened generosity and communal well-being.


The Perfect Timing for Giving

While Zakat can be given at any time of the year, many choose Ramadan to fulfill this obligation. Why, you may wonder? It is because the rewards for good deeds in Ramadan are multiplied many times over. Giving Zakat during this blessed month not only fulfills a key pillar of Islam but also amplifies the impact of our contribution, making it the ideal time to share our blessings with those less fortunate.


Understanding and Compassion: The Spirit of Ramadan

From the benefits of fasting we learn empathy and compassion; we feel the pangs of hunger and thirst, reminding us of the struggles faced by those less fortunate. Zakat extends this compassion by enabling us to alleviate such hardships. Giving shifts our focus from self to community, from individuality to unity. In this way, Zakat and Ramadan together nurture a spirit of understanding and collective support.


By contributing through platforms like GlobalSadaqah, we can extend this impact globally and make a true meaningful difference in the lives of others. GlobalSadaqah offers a modern approach to Zakat; a platform that respects the sanctity of Zakat while embracing digital innovation, ensuring accessibility, transparency, and trustworthiness. 


This Ramadan, let’s reflect on the role of Zakat in our lives and commit to fulfilling this sacred duty (if you’re qualified, of course!) with a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude.

Together, let’s strive to #CirculateGood.