The Gazze Destek Association (GDD) Update on Gaza Aid Relief

Despite the challenges posed by the current situation in Gaza, we have some updates regarding the upcoming Qurbani campaign and the current situation of the projects being implemented on the ground.

While the Rafah border is currently closed, there is a sufficient supply of essentials in Gaza, allowing us to continue our projects.

In the past week we’ve:

  • Distributed bread bundles for 722 families
  • Distributed vegetable baskets for 100 families
  • Distributed 178 bottles of baby milk and baby diapers to displaced families
  • Distributed 200 bags of flour to displaced families
  • Performed 434 medical examinations for the mobile clinic

Regarding the Qurbani campaign, we have nearly a month, and we’re hopeful that the Qurbani meat will Gaza promptly.

The Qurbani process will be done in India, the meat will be frozen and transported to Gaza in approximately 45-55 days.

Additionally, our alternative option to supply aid to Gaza is via the Karam Abu Salem border in Jordan, which is currently open. We remain optimistic that the closure of the Rafah border is temporary, and we’re actively seeking alternative routes to ensure the continuity of our aid efforts.

Thank you for your continued support!

Warm regards,

Dr. Hani

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